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NEWS 2024

UNHINGED Las Vegas Band Facebook

July 2024 SHOW DATES  

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Billy & Joel Band at the Cal Neva_edited.jpg

Pro Bass Player since 2010

MusicMan Artist 2012-2020


2010 Billy & Joel Band, Lake Tahoe

2013 Bautista, San Rafael, CA

2015 4Star Luxe, San Francisco, CA

2016 Walt the Dog, North Bay, CA

2017 The Del Mars, San Francisco, CA

2018 Derek Davis , East Bay, CA


2021 Railhead Vegas Las Vegas, NV

2023  Passion Nouveau Las Vegas, NV

2024 Las Vegas, NV


GIT Graduate, Hollywood, CA

Pro Guitar Player, L.A., CA

Music Production Associate to

John Beal, Composer/Conductor,
Terror in the Aisles," Universal Studios (IMDb Ronnie Montana)


2020 Moved to Las Vegas 
with Arista recording artist

VIDEOS                                                                                                                                    More videos here

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